Our History

Joe Burns began Color Burst because of a simple observation; People notice flowers! A great seasonal flower display can stop traffic. Since 1987, Color Burst has designed eye-catching, unique flower beds for thousands of commercial properties throughout the Southeast. We’ve had some huge successes: custom planters for the 1996 Olympic Village, creating gorgeous flower beds for the KB Homes-Martha Stewart properties in Fairburn, and accolades from the local communities we serve and our landscaping industry peers. Throughout the past 30 years, Color Burst has remained a family-run, local company, devoted to the community and the environment. Color Burst serves the Atlanta metro area and Athens, GA with further expansion possible.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Our crews are the heart and soul of our company.  Their training, creativity, and initiative are what set us apart from the competition. Because of their extensive training and expertise, our technicians are uniquely able to tailor your flower display to your property by taking into consideration many variables, such as the individual climate, sun exposure, and the aesthetic attributes of the site. Your flowers will always reflect your standards of excellence and ours.

Creativity, Sustainability, Brilliant Color
  • We offer a 100% worry-free guarantee on all our work. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll make it right.

  • Great customer service separates us from the pack. When you choose Color Burst, you’ll have a dedicated customer service contact to help you through the entire process, available whenever you have a question or concern—by email, cell phone, text, office phone, fax, and Facebook. If you want to talk, we want to listen.

  • Sustainability: We value the environment and help you save money at the same time by incorporating drought-resistant plants, composting all used plant materials back into the environment, limiting our use of plastic pots, mulching flowers with compost, and using Integrated Pest Management Principles—all of which keep your flowers healthy now, and also benefit the long-term health of your landscape.

  • You can keep your favorite landscaper—we work with them to ensure you have the best flower beds, and the right irrigation and soil conditions to support your flowers. Your landscaper continues to provide lawn care, pruning, and other services, but we take care of the design, installation, and maintenance of your flower beds.

  • Color Burst handles all types of properties: commercial, HOAs, apartment communities, retirement communities, public venues, and more.

  • We tailor your flowers to your specific color requests, and to the climate of your site.

  • Our pricing includes monthly maintenance. We go the extra mile and include all fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizing at no additional cost.

  • We believe that creative, beautiful flower designs should be our top priority, so our pricing is based on the size of the bed, not the types of plants used. You’ll benefit from our ability to use top-quality, unique plants that will set your property apart.

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