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Color Burst designs, installs, and maintains spectacular seasonal flower bed displays for commercial properties in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area and  Athens, Ga.  When you contact Color Burst, we’ll come out to your property to measure existing and potential beds and suggest ways to maximize the impact of your flower display within the rest of your landscape. We then prepare a proposal based on your input and the specific needs of the site. We offer programs to give your property flower displays for all four seasons, so that you can enjoy the benefits of attention-grabbing landscaping, increased property value, and vibrant flowers all year long.

We expand the traditional planting seasons with our unique Early Autumn Enhancement program, which revives your flower display after the hottest part of the summer and keeps your flower beds looking fresh until winter. We also specialize in creating stunning planters that utilize the best plants available (sourced from across the nation) and vibrant, creative design and color combinations. We are happy to work within even the tightest budgets, but we do have a seasonal minimum of $1,000. Your price includes everything: design, all flowers and materials, installation, and monthly maintenance that includes pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, pruning, weeding, and edging.

Additional Services

When you want to increase your property’s curb appeal with a definitively luxurious flower display, Color Burst delivers. We offer a selection of additional options to meet your every seasonal flower need.

Additional Maintenance Package

For extra-special displays, nothing beats an extra dose of TLC. Your flower beds will receive our full maintenance services twice per month—double our standard package. The Additional Maintenance Package ensures your flowers will always look their very best: manicured, healthy, and vibrant.

7” on Center Spacing (Winter Only)

Achieve a lusher, fuller look in your flower displays the fast and easy way: add more plants per square foot! By planting flowers closer together, we increase the number of flowers in your display by as much as 30%, giving your property an immediate Wow! factor without adding more beds or investing a lot of time or money. In winter, when plants grow more slowly, tighter spacing gives your flower display a competitive edge from the very start of the season, helping your property stand out from the crowd.

Upgraded Planters

Add a touch of creative luxury where it counts: upgraded planters are perfect in front of leasing offices, model homes, pools, and other key areas where first impressions really count. Our upgraded planters use unique, hard-to-find plants, more flowers in each pot, and exquisite color and texture combinations that will set your planters apart.

Early Autumn Enhancement

From Labor Day through Halloween, the influx of new students, tourists, back-to-school shoppers, and lots and lots of moving vans ensure that there are plenty of eyes on your fall flower display. Our mid-season planting option keeps your displays looking gorgeous when it counts by helping you gain extra weeks of extraordinary seasonal flowers during your most critical season.

Unique in the landscaping industry—our Early Autumn program augments your existing summer display with autumn-friendly annuals. You keep your best-performing, most beautiful summer annuals, and we strategically replace any heat-weary flowers with bright marigolds, celosia, and salvia. This quick, economical enhancement will keep your flower displays vibrant and lush through the tail-end of summer, a time when standard displays begin to wane.

Pre-Grown Hanging Baskets

Great hanging baskets can add a fast, money-wise burst of bright, dramatic color and boost your property's curb appeal for any season. The best hanging baskets take months to grow lush and beautiful, but our pre-grown baskets are started far in advance of the season, so they're perfect from the moment they arrive in your pool area or leasing entrance, no waiting required!

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